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Senior Fullstack Engineer, Smokeball

Andrew Makenzi
Andrew Makenzi is a Software Development Mentor at Veet


Hey there, I'm Andrew. I wear a few hats – I'm a software developer, a music enthusiast, and I've got an entrepreneurial spirit. For around seven years, I've been in the software development scene, working with companies in the US and Europe. My journey has taken me through different fields like CyberSecurity, Banking, Finance, Consumer Products, Logistics, and Education. I've got a soft spot for fintech. I've played a significant role in Africa's biggest Fintech unicorn and managed a payment gateway serving thousands daily in Kenya and Tanzania. From coding front-end and back-end to crafting mobile apps and shaping system architecture, I've got the whole tech spectrum covered. Let's connect!

I'm mentoring on: Practice mock interviews, Resume and portfolio review, Switching roles, Mentorship in general, Remote work, Coping with burnout, Working with cross-functional teams
My Expertise
  Software Development
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Work Experience

Work Experience

Senior Fullstack Engineer


January 2023 - Present

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