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Product Manager , Saudi’s Company

Asmaa Alandijani
Asmaa Alandijani is a Product Management Mentor at Veet


A leader in innovation and product management, with exceptional business acumen skills and expertise in emerging technologies and digital transformation. I have a proven track record of success in developing and launching successful products, achieving strategic and financial targets, and increasing user satisfaction. I collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and communicate with stakeholders at all levels to ‏bridge silos and drive innovation and positive change in the industries I serve. I am a Maximizer who is constantly driven to enhance and transform things from good to great. I bring a holistic, end-to-end and surface-to-core approach to my work, ensuring that every aspect of a project is considered and addressed with a 360-degree perspective, while always keeping the end user of a service in mind. My unique skill set includes the ability to see the big picture and make connections, analyze all relevant factors, then turn abstract ideas into practical solutions and plans. I am also committed to lifelong learning, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills, and am a people person who values building strong relationships and recognizing the unique qualities of each individual. In addition to my professional work, I am passionate about empowering others and am actively involved in social engagement within the tech field, including providing consultation, training, mentorship and public speaking.

I'm mentoring on: Managing different personnel, Motivating team members, Building an effective team, Mentorship in general, Working with cross-functional teams, Conducting effective customer interviews, Formulating a product vision, Utilizing product analytics, Navigating challenges of being the sole designer, Collaborating with different departments, Collaborating with designers, Making your work stand out, Organizing productive meetings, Selecting metrics and setting team objectives, Facilitating successful design reviews, Working with engineers, Writing product requirement documents
My Expertise
  Product Management
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Work Experience

Work Experience

Product Manager

Saudi’s Company

January 2023 - Present

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