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Product Designer, Interswitch

Eseleose Ughulu
Eseleose Ughulu is a Design Mentor at Veet


Eseleose is a process-oriented Product Designer committed to crafting exceptional user experiences that seamlessly integrate functionality and user satisfaction. With a proven record of years delivering impactful products and tools, she consistently drives measurable positive outcomes for businesses and end-users. Her experience in product design has honed her skills in understanding user needs through research and testing, which she translates into highly functional and user-friendly designs. Eseleose has a demonstrated history of contributing to successful business outcomes by mapping customer journeys and developing design systems that enhance the user experience.

I'm mentoring on: Planning a career in design, Working with cross-functional teams, Coping with burnout, Switching roles, Formulating a product vision, Conducting effective customer interviews
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Ā  Design
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Work Experience

Work Experience

Product Designer


January 2023 - Present

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