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Badejo Gidz


Product Design Manager, Seamfix Ltd.

Femi Badejo Gidz
Femi Badejo Gidz is a Design Mentor at Veet


I am currently a Product Design Manager who manages an awesome team and also a Sr. Product Designer who creates and delivers user-centered cohesive digital experiences, that are data-driven and well-informed with user/customer empathy. I'm here to share my knowledge and experiences so far in the design world and more, hoping it will help other designers looking for a chance to level up and stand out.

I'm mentoring on: Formulating a product vision, Utilizing product analytics, Navigating challenges of being the sole designer, Collaborating with different departments, Collaborating with designers, Making your work stand out, Organizing productive meetings, Selecting metrics and setting team objectives, Facilitating successful design reviews, Working with engineers, Mentorship in general, Remote work, Coping with burnout, Overcoming imposter syndrome, Navigating the tech industry as a woman, Switching roles, Planning a career in design, Securing a favourable job offer, How to get promoted, Resume and portfolio review, Practice mock interviews, Breaking into tech, Managing a remote team, Selecting better technology options, Cultivating a positive team environment, Building an effective team, Managing different personnel, Motivating team members, Assembling a productive team
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聽 Design
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Work Experience

Work Experience

Product Design Manager

Seamfix Ltd.

January 2023 - Present

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