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Revenue Operations (Tech Sales), Hugo

John Bakare
John Bakare is a Startup Mentor at Veet


With a bachelor's degree in accounting, a background in management consulting, and extensive experience in business development, sales, and financial services, I excel at research, negotiation, and problem solving. At Hugo Tech, I honed my skills in lead generation and sales execution, consistently exceeding goals. At Easy Professional Services, a management/start-up consulting company, I led a team that increased revenue by 23%, demonstrating my leadership and sales ability. My auditing experience at KPMG taught me the importance of attention to detail in revenue operations. In addition. Outside of work, I volunteer and network, demonstrating my commitment to community outreach and lifelong learning. I currently contribute to Hugo's success in tech sales and revenue operations, while also exploring generative AI and leadership development.

I'm mentoring on: Managing a remote team, Switching roles, Working with cross-functional teams, Getting first job, Resume and portfolio review, Mentorship in general, Remote work, Coping with burnout
My Expertise
Ā  Startup
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Work Experience

Work Experience

Revenue Operations


September 2023 - Present



University of Lagos


2018 - 2021

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