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Co-founder, FoxSell

Prakhar Shrivastava
Prakhar Shrivastava is a Software Engineering Mentor at Veet


I'm Prakhar Shrivastava, the co-founder of FoxSell, a venture I embarked on following the successful acquisition of PushOwl by Brevo. My role as Engineering Lead at PushOwl was integral to its growth and eventual acquisition. I have a strong background in software engineering from my time at Zomato, where I honed my skills in technologies like RoR, Java, Go, JavaScript, and AWS. At FoxSell, I'm leveraging this expertise to revolutionize Shopify merchants' revenue, focusing on maximizing Average Order Values and enhancing the Shopify ecosystem.

I'm mentoring on: Practice mock interviews, Resume and portfolio review
My Expertise
Ā  Software Engineering
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Work Experience

Work Experience



January 2023 - Present

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